Starting his career in London as a professional musician in 1969; progressing into a highly successful career as talent broker for an international booking agency in Zurich from 1984 to 1990; and since then heading his own specialist company for corporate event entertainment with offices in Germany, UK and Spain - a consistent development of his know-how and business network has brought him to the pinnacle of his profession.

He has an established reputation in the specialist field of corporate entertainment, with extensive experience in the many facets of the industry - from performer to business executive - and is highly respected by clients, celebrities and colleagues alike.

Known for his polished and professional approach, he has an unparalleled record in acquiring top level, world-class entertainment for buyers in a wide range of global markets.

The multilingual world traveler lives with his wife in Mallorca.

Since 2008, he also heads international sales at - " Airstage.biz - we make it fly! " - an event service company that supplies unique and innovative flying solutions and indoor aerial show productions for the entertainment and event industry.
Celebrity talent brokers for corporate, agency and private clients


John R. Barker 
                                             is highly regarded in the corporate entertainment industry and widely acknowledged as the "go to" person when booking high-end celebrity entertainment for events.