Who are John Barker Corporate Entertainment Consultants?
We are a premium resource for entertainment and event professionals, supplying executive-level consultancy services to celebrity entertainment buyers worldwide.

What do you do?
Acting as your consultant, we represent your interests by helping you select, contract and produce celebrity talent for your events.

Who do you work for?
International corporations, experiential and communication agencies, meeting and event producers, associations and private persons.

What are your credentials?
Over the last 35 years, we have booked hundreds of celebrities and world class entertainment acts for corporate events . 

How do you work?
We work as a part of your team - sourcing, advising, negotiating, contracting and coordinating all periphery requirements - discreetly and efficiently working in the background, enabling you to concentrate on the overall production of your events. 

What about the costs?
We believe in transparency, so the prices we quote are always split into two parts: "the celebrity fee" + "our consulting fee". 
Once we have negotiated the best possible deal for you, you enter into an agreement directly with the celebrity or their official representative. Our consulting fee is based on an agreed percentage of the total fee paid to the celebrity, and is billed to you separately.   
Which celebrities do you represent?
None! As independent consultants, our integrity and unbiased advice are our most important assets. Unlike many entertainment agents and managers whose main concern is to market the talent they represent, we do not represent the interests of any celebrity. 
We work exclusively for you and represent your best interests in everything we do.  

Why John Barker Corporate Entertainment Consultants?
You not only have the expertise and professional support that covers all aspects of your entertainment needs, but also benefit from our buying power and excellent standing in the world of international show business - saving you time and resources.


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